Amazon AWS Solutions Architect Professional Certificate Test Experience

An email I sent to a fellow coworker who is also pursing this line of certification. 

Fun one for you:

Signed up for the AWS Solutions Architect Professional certification test. Screwed up the day, and didn’t get a chance to study like I wanted to.

Took the test. Hardest test I’ve ever taken. Three hours of the most complicated scenarios you could imagine, and the ability to parse the response, where many are ‘technically’ correct, but not the ‘best,’ as judged by Amazon.

In the middle of the test, my desktop just shuts down.

Raise my hand, wait for attendee, wait for her to identify the problem, realize there’s no means of getting that one working, boot up another, get me logged in, and back at it.

Totally out of my zone. Takes me another ten minutes to get my head right and back in the game.

She tells me she’s going to make some calls and get me ten minutes back.

Get to the end, and it’s the first test I’ve ever taken to the wire. I do the tests in a way that if I don’t know the answer, I take gut instinct, mark for review, and move on, coming back after the full test to reassess. I’ve learned the tests will sometimes give you the answer in another question, so don’t try it immediately – just come back to it.

With the lost 10 minutes and the recombobulating, I get to the review and I don’t have enough time to review all the questions.

She tells me after the fact that Amazon didn’t give me time back because they couldn’t confirm the problem.

I walk out a bit shell-shocked from the experience. I’m pretty sure I failed the thing MISERABLY. I joke to my wife “I got maybe 35%, and that’s being judicious in my judgement.”

I go through the rest of the day a bit mentally-fried. I go to bed early, and wait for the results so I can move on.

Passing score? 750

My score: 728.

1 question. I needed to get one more right.

I woke my wife up screaming into the void. She was like “I’ve never seen you like that before. You scared me.” I was so damn upset.

I wrote the AWS team and am looking for them to go back and see the disconnect and reconnect, and look at how I changed my answers on the two-three questions I was reviewing and how they were now correct (I know they were because I had a moment where I was like “Oh, well, duh,” once I reread them with different eyes).

I don’t know if my appeal will go anywhere, but I’m fighting for this one. Very least they can do is give me a retake, but I’m not real stoked about the idea of that.

We’ll see.

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