A Letter To A Friend Postfacto Round 6 WFPC 2022

Something for you to laugh and cringe at.

I’m sure you remember my friend’s death and what it did to me. Through counseling and a feeling of limited time, I decided I wanted to commit, full-speed, to joke-writing, attempting to do comedy competently enough to get a Netflix special.

That isn’t a bit: that’s really the end-goal.

So, I developed a bunch of really great material; really dark, none of that amateur-hour lowest-hanging-fruit stuff that plays to an audience. I didn’t want to just make it funny; I wanted to make it memorable. Oh dear God, was it memorable for all the wrong reasons.

I’ll never share it (it was THAT bad), but BOMBED last night on-stage.

Worse part was, I was so confident of my performance, of the material, of its power, and then stage fright just broke me.

I tried a really dark joke as the opener, a joke that plays in taboo waters that shouldn’t work that I SWORE I could pull off. It f***in’ bombed, and MAN they turned on me. Which was fair – Didn’t deliver my side of the performance and commit to the punch-line, so I just came off as creepy & predatory when, and I swear to God, it would have been magnificent had I held my nerve. If you’re ever interested in reading it, just know, it goes WAY past SFW.

What will resonate in my mind FOREVER as a lesson for not staying in my lane: sitting in the bar afterwards, ANOTHER bar other than the comedy club. A group of women walk in. One points at me – “Hey, it’s the rape joke guy…” I just nodded, smiled, bought them their first round, and left, taking the lesson on the chin while secretly DYING inside.

Mark my words – I’m getting a Netflix special. Whether it’s a standup special or a true-crime exposé; that’ll be the question.

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