Covid & Americana: A Treatise

Covid & Americana: A Treatise

Something I wrote on Reddit, but felt should go here:

Business regulation doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Politicians and policy-makers aren’t sitting around, concocting new ways to control people’s lives.

Generally, an “Orwellian” regulation is the result of corporations behaving badly, usually repeatedly, as paying any fine if caught for said bad behavior is just part of the cost of doing business.

“I trust people to operate responsibly” is code for “do whatever you want, and remember I pandered to that when in the voting booth.”

As a proud member of the ‘tax-and-spend, Liberty-hating left,’ I just shrug and say “Yeah; someone needs to be the adult in the room.”

Who am I to tell you what to do? Well, I’m the voice of the voiceless, the quarter-million dead who don’t have a say in things. These people died because others didn’t take precautions.

Precautions. Not oppression; precautions, a way of mitigating a danger to others.

Goddammit, why is this such a difficult concept to understand? Why is selfishness a feature of ‘American Liberty?’

Motherfuckers, one of the original thought-leaders in American Liberty, Thomas Paine would have worn a mask. He’d have looked at it and said “we have such a simple device as to defend and protect so many; arguably the greatest invention since the pen!”

Franklin, man of science, father of the USPS, would have embraced a mask as a means to further the cause of the early Americans. That, and if that was all the protection he needed to be nearer the ladies without infecting himself, he’d cover his mouth and nothing else. His inclination to the understanding of germ theory would maybe then inspire him to wonder about the festering pustules around his…

In everything he did, Washington lead by example. Had he been advised, he would have been decreeing a mandate, a necessity he’d wear in any public engagement. Again, in wonderment, he’d embrace the science and wear the mask in solidarity and support of his new country.

I believe every modern President all the way to at least FDR would be leading by example, barring the current trash human being occupying that seat.

But I digress.

Selfish disregard for our fellow man cannot be the hallmark of the Liberty and freedoms we have. Exceptions to all our freedoms exist, and walking around without a muffler should be where personal freedoms end, and rudely, even expensively.

My pursuit of life, liberty and happiness doesn’t end at the tip of your nose, but from and around where you begin to breathe your air.

Changing this colloquially considered standard could revolutionize thought when considering rights and responsibility. From pandemic behavior to pollution, my inalienable rights are granted to me by my Creator, and long with that grant is also the requirement of the sustaining foundation materials necessary: air, water, and food.

If thought could be changed in so that we all consider part of our Inalienable rights to those three item, unadulterated, we could start to change the country and the world.

Please forgive the anger of a man watching what his countrymen are doing to themselves. It’s insufferable.