April 20-26 – The longest year of my life

So, I’m laid off; that much is known. I have applied at so…many… places… and it appears the only folks that want me are the ones who have sought me out. That said, I’ll be joining the strongDM family on Monday, best I can tell.

I’ve learned not to get too excited until there’s a offer, in-hand, ready to sign. There’s a lot of opportunity to grow, and it seems like it’s a tight-nit bunch. I’m excited to continue my growth in cloud technologies and all that comes with that. Particularly kubernetes and Docker; I’m REALLY looking forward to learning this suite and getting more into containerization.

Approved for unemployment, so there’s that. America has 35 MILLION unemployed applications. The State of Kansas, spear-headed by Governor Kelley, got their act together and built. $488/week, plus the $600 approved in the CARES Act. We’ll see what that translates to in real life, paying the bills. Hopefully it doesn’t need to translate.

There’s so much bad news on the home front for people related to me, I can’t even begin. I’m sad to hear it all. I’m sad to see the world coming to a stop, and the livelihoods of people I know disappearing before them.

Codecademy has given me a free 3-month membership since I was laid off. Once I get my first paycheck, I’ll be buying a membership and donating to them to provide these accounts for others. I’ve been refreshing the programming skills, working on getting tuned up on my work with the retropie, and skills for using the software I’ll be supporting. I’m really excited to start building APIs and making them make all the ROMs do the things I want them to do.

I’ve also had this idea for a voting machine that I’d like to flesh out once I get my skills honed. I think I can build a rough version of it that will give a leg up over all other voting systems.

Wood-working is becoming a thing. Biking is becoming a thing. Walking is becoming a thing. Dinner is becoming a thing. I still feel like there is not enough hours in the day, so here I am, staring at a screen, just idling out. Been playing a lot of Jackbox, and we’re going fishing this evening.

Looking forward to it. This is time we’ll never have again, unless, of course, another pandemic drops on us and you-know-who is in charge.

“Hey Dad; the wifi seems slow.”

*logs into WAP*

“Sure enough. Don’t remember doing this, but c’est la vie…”

WAP was set to 100Mbit.

Can’t break into the 19K. Soon.
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