+15 day into SIP. I really hate Donald Trump’s voice.

Woke up at 7, had nowhere to be of import, went back to sleep until 9AM. I have anywhere from 5 to 9 weeks runway as far as with being out of professional employ. Since this is an important day in my wife’s life, I feel like I’ll just hit the high points.

Awoke, thrashed about like a baby, then agreed to a walk with the wife. Before going, I got the plans for the birthday done with the kiddos. Walked 3+ miles, found a 4-wheeler I wanted to buy, saw a new neighbor from the inside-out, wore my dogs out (feet and actual canines), and got home in time to see the bouquet I had ordered delivered moments after.

That dude came to our house three times today since Dillon’s was the only place delivering.

Sat around checking my email, hoping Andy would send me good news on an offer letter. If he doesn’t tomorrow, I’m going to begin fretting a bit.

Packed up the laptop. Tomorrow I’ll pack up the base station. Need to take it all to FedEx and drop it off. Probably will by Friday, once the paycheck actually ends.

Some grim milestones will be hit by day’s end.
Just… damn.

Wuhan just finished it’s 70-odd day quarantine. I can’t imagine not even being able to leave your house.

I didn’t know who John Prine is/was, but I do now, upon his death.

Goddamnit, Bernie. Apparently I’m #Biden2020, now, but… but… *makes whimpering noises*.

Kansas Republicans apparently thought the State was being too successful in our war against the SARS2 virus, and thought we needed to up our stats. Apparently decreeing people shouldn’t gather in churches in groups larger than 10 is a “war against Christians,” when we as a State beat the fucking curve and closed everything early. Let me just say this with all the love in my heart: Fuck Susan Wagle.

“We have a right to die if we want, and government will never take that away!”

Good basic video why you die from CoVID19.

So this 17-year-old kid made this thing…