2 weeks (14 days) of Shelter-in-place in Derby, KS

My kids are starting to learn how to cook. It’s kinda big deal

My legs are hurting from all the miles of walking happening.

The greatest picture in the history of pictures.

We all lost a friend in Ronda Riggle. Don’t know when, but recently it’s my understanding.

Speaking of loss, Firemon lost their number one Support Engineer today. This virus is unforgiving.

I’m hoping my third interview with StrongDM went well. We’ll see. Further action going forward will be discussed in the next few days.

For the record, so much happened today, and then finding out about Ronda’s death deflated me. Just…shut me down. Landmarks were hit today, and I fell asleep at the wheel because I lost all objectivity and broke for the rest of the day.

And of course, tomorrow (Today) was(is) my wife’s birthday. So again, not a lot, comparatively.