…And on the 12th day, He rested. The rest of us lost our collective shit.

My tags for this blog post. Craziness ahead.

No, Tommy Lee didn’t write it. He wants the original author to get credit.

Tommy’s letter. Click. Read. Chuckle.
I love this guy.

“Not always asking wiseguy questions…”
Goddammit, your orange shithead, these are important questions. We’re all getting sick of this.

George W. fucking Bush was preparing for this in 2005. George ‘The Decider’ Bush.
…Obama extended his team on Bush’s suggestions.
…and now…

Just learned of Andrew Cuomo’s nipple rings…

Get well soon, Boris Johnson. The terrible person in me wanted to celebrate karma with glee, but I can’t. I hope he pulls through. The world needs him to pull through.

The virus appears to have jumped species. The timing is deliciously suspicious. Carol fuckin’ Baskins knows what I’m talking about.

I love my wife. I love my wife. I love wife.
This guy looks possessed. I’ve met a few of these people in my life. They believe every word.
…the discovery in any suit would be GLORIOUS.
The Blood of Jesus is not FDA-approved for the indicated disease.
Dr. Drew apologizes.
Thanks for the chuckle, @linadirector
Sedgwick County now @ 101.
Italy is having a rough time of this. Peace & Solidarity to our brothers & sisters.
This is why a disjointed response is the absolute worst. Statistically 40% of the people there are infected, and a R0 of 4 means they’ll infect 4 people. Goddammit.
This is a few days old, and yet… so good.
…Makes this feel OG in comparison.

4/5/20 – 7:24PM CST World Covid19 Numbers
4/5/20 – 7:24PM CST – US Covid19 Numbers

Anecdotally? I haven’t smoked in years. Thought about it good and hard today for longer than I care to admit. In the mean time, I’m including some pictures from around the neighborhood that are once-in-a-lifetime.

It says “We’re all going to be OK.”
Stealing this when this is all over for history