11 days since shelter-in-place, 16 days since we started.

It’s a Saturday. I ran a 5K. Which is to say I walked a 5K, and two of the three laps were with my dogs.

My wife dusted me and ran on by herself, then did the 3rd lap with me as her 4th.

So, that was nice.

I spent too many hours last night trying to do a recursing loop inside a loop inside another loop… in a Windows Batch script.

I know.

I know, I know, I know, I know.

Still not successful. I’ll try again tonight.

Also, the world is falling apart, but fug it. I’m gonna sharpen up my programming skills in case this ever stops and we get to go back to working together.

I feel like my mask will disturb people.
From https://reddit.com/r/funny/comments/fv09xr/my_neighbors_been_posting_daily_dad_jokes_on_his/
4/4/20 1:58PM
We crossed 300,000 today.

This President, I swear. Everything is someone else’s fault, everything is ‘a nasty question.’ Can’t listen to him bloviate.

Best joke today.
C’mon Joe. Seriously?
Get ’em, Delroy.
My TV Dad, out here trying to cheer people up.
Mr. Rogers said “Look to the helpers.” Mr. Rogers would be disappointed in Dr. Drew.