Day 9 – It’s Thursday, if you’re keeping up

6.6M applications for unemployment. I was discussing this with the wife. I don’t think we’re going for a recession – we’re going for a depression. I can’t say ‘Hoovervilles’ are coming, but man… there’s some serious trouble on the way.

Meds are nicely blunting the sadness I was feeling. Not too low, not too high; juuuuust right. Not so hopeless today. Just kinda numb.

I have a meeting at noon that may change the trajectory of my life. We’ll see.

I started exercising yesterday. I’m going to apply some bodyweight/isometric work to my regimen.

I was genuinely expecting to wake to 1M. Pleasantly surprised.
Sedgwick has flattened the curve. Governor Kelly may have saved the State of Kansas.
…but he’s #1 on Facebook, so that’s nice.
He provides the best coverage.
USA Number 1.
The USA @ 2:24PM today.
1 million reached.
I’m doing my part.
Hubble Deep Space View on my birthday.
US – 7:42PM 4/2/20
World – 7:42PM 4/2/20