Day 5 of 30 – Sunday, 3/29/20

Day 5 of 30 – Sunday, 3/29/20

Just to start this off right: I was made aware of, well, this…

North Korea is shooting missiles at nothing, trying to get attention. I suspect they’re scared and want supplies.

Good job, Governor Kelly

Dr. Fauci – at least 100,000 dead, maybe 200,000 before this is over.

I miss my friends. Full stop.

The universe is trying to get me to recognize my shortcomings. I need to be more accessible.

Wife is working on the bathroom painting. Took down the lights without flipping the breaker. Meh.

Remember, Remember February the 7th.

RIP, Joe Diffie. Good thoughts, Bubbie.

Stop trying to make Easter happen. Edit: someone wisened up and Easter is not going to happen.

Operation Airbridge is a go. Good.

Imagine waking up in Central Park
…then there’s this guy.

This presser was far better than any previously. He’s getting the hell out of his own way.

Social Distancing is extended nationally to April 30.

Yamiche holding his feet to the flames. She’ll be kicked out soon.

Speaking of which: the Chinese woman who was part of blowing the whistle is…gone. Seems to be a theme. Also…Chinese numbers don’t add up.

I’ll add pictures from my desktop later. For right meow, shit’s gonna get bad, and I’m not hype about going to the store currently.

I have to work tomorrow, after having the panic attack Friday morning. Not looking forward to it.