I make the mistake of using my time in bed to read things I shouldn’t this early in the morning.

I hear the wheels of commerce and community outside my window. That’s a wonderful thing.

“Ask Me Another” just mentioned ‘everybody is making bread,’ and that explains why I can’t find bread pie.

The sore throat is gone, the lymph nodes are down (but still sore,) and I’m super happy to feel that.

Maybe I fire up the motorcycle today. Edit: nope.

Trump wants to quarantine ‘New York, New Jersey,’ and other hotspots.

Michigan is still awaiting over 80% requested from the Federal government. Supposedly Florida has received all requests and is on their third fulfillment. Expect this outrage to last less than 24 hours before another happens.

We finished ‘It’ last night.

We finished ‘It: Chapter 2’ tonight. Imaginary scares are good for the soul when real scares loom.

My wife has been repainting the house in this downtime. I have been paralyzed somewhere between apathy and fear.

I wonder how the opioid crisis is doing? I imagine sub-par, but mainly because I know we don’t talk about it.

Downtown looks like something out of a zombie movie. The only life moving around are the random dog-walkers, strangely three(!) sets of Senior pics being taken, and a large amount of homeless out on the streets with no one ignoring them or telling them to go elsewhere. They’re the only consistent life left in the Downtown Wichita area.

I took some pictures and video I’m attaching here. I’ll attach video once it’s loaded to YouTube.

I ran out of Kratom today. Not sure if I want to get more or finally give up the vice. Considering taking up high-proof ethyl alcohol, because that went so well in my twenties.

Gas is $1.67

No social distancing in the laundromat

Delano. Empty.

Town West is dead.

Close decree. I don’t think it will open again.
…then there’s this place.
3-28-2020 3-53PM CST

Today @4PM when I looked.

3-28-2020 11-21AM CST - Diamond Princess Edition

3/28/20 – 11:21 Boat-named-after-a-stripper Edition. Just kidding: I can’t imagine the horrors on that ship right now. One day we’ll know.

3-28-2020 11-58PM CST

America running away with the high score, as usual. The Good-Night-and-Good-Luck Update