Day 2 – Thursday, 3/26/2020

Day 2 – Thursday, 3/26/2020

My day started in a panic attack at 3:30AM. Opened a box of Cheerios and had a bowl. Started doing this.

I work from home, so no issues there. I’m lucky in that regard.

I start the download of Picard – Season 1, Episode 10: The Finale. Not excited for the end. I wish we had 22-24 episodes per season, like way-back-when.

‘Congratulations America!’ Is trending. 96-0 vote in the Senate. On to the House today. I’m sure Louis Gohmert will continue to be a pompous blowhard. Also, I’m hoping charges against Devin Nunes are filed by those who contracted Coronavirus on his advice. #neverforget the stupidity of medical advice from politicians with agendas.

Too early in the morning to be this mad. Will update this with relevant notes as the day progresses.

Per Kai Ryssdal – 3.2M first-time jobless claims. State of Kansas had 220,000 calls yesterday. They answered 1,200. Edit- 3.3M by end-of-day.

Texas Roadhouse CEO foregoing pay so frontline workers can keep getting paid. #decency

We’re about to play ‘duck, duck, goose’ with peoples’ lives.

An old coworker from Cox was just commenting the other day about how much he loved working for his new company. Just saw he joins the laid-off workforce. He’s posting one-word updates about his relevancy to the workforce. I disagree.

So THESE just showed up…

We just passed China for most reported cases. 81,488.

I listened to Maria Bamford tell jokes on Zoom whole Mike Pence talked of Presidential fliers. 2020, ya’ll.

Will attach stats from today. Trump wants to open the United Stated by Easter. His interest in ‘the economy’ clearly stems from six of his seven locations being closed right now.

I’ve had something on the order of three meltdowns today. It’s hard to work knowing there are Americans dying from preventable treatments because the President failed to act. Ego and hubris killed these people. Hearing people whine about their technical issues just loses its luster comparatively.

Doing my part. Folding@Home

Weird news people want to bury likes to come out on Fridays. My anxiety is through the roof. I can’t stop eating. I put on a brave face for my kids, but this new normal is anything but.

Photos on iPhone wants me to remember this photo from March 16th

This is so surreal.