Day 1 – Wednesday, 3/25/2020

Day 1 – Wednesday, 3/25/2020

Sedgwick County has issued a shelter-in-place order for 30 days. Yesterday was the first day.

Never seen Target without their lights on. It’s fucking unsettling.

Target, Interrupted

Prince Charles, aged 71, diagnosed.

Kathy Griffin aged 25+/- 26, in quarantine, unable to get tested.

These are the two best-known to me. There’s a larger list.

Fauci – we can’t let anyone set the agenda. The virus sets the agenda.

My bottom-right lymph node under my jaw is swollen this morning, but my nose works, so I’m OK there.

600 people dead, 64,000 positive tests. Started today with 5 diagnosed, ended day with 11. Kansas

Can’t focus at work. Looking for something different. Spoke with Chris at 9, and Dave at 11. I’m committed to Dave, though there is a freeze. In the mean time, will commit to working through CV, then sign off on an offer letter when it comes. Until then, honor my current position and do it as well as I can.

Which is hard to do. I don’t do well with death; particularly senseless death.

I’m hopeful, but sad. New York City is in shambles. Trump continues to bloviate about how well his Administration has done. His Orangeness is speaking about ‘opening back up’ the country by Easter. The CDC has worse projections.

The 2-trillion economic stimulus was passed overnight in the Senate. It goes to the House.

I woke up at 3:30AM in a panic, so I started writing this. Life is anxiety currently. Walked almost 3 miles with the dogs this evening. Ran across three other people walking their dogs. It helps.

Folding@Home stats here: nope, see updated posts.

Maybe Market Prices? I don’t know. Maybe. Edit- nah.