Steam Controller Troubles, Continued

Went to update controller to BLE:

Stop Steam and all Steam services. Start Steam from within Windows. Open Controller settings. Controller and Dongle, with firmware, detected correctly

Plugged in USB. Controller detected. Started BTLE firmware update.

Added BLE firmware. Then failed. Couldn’t revert back.

Couldn’t sync in Windows with Steam + Y.

Removed all Steam devices from Bluetooth. Tried to syncs with Steam+Y. Start, but no discovery in Bluetooth add interface.

Closed all Steam software, all helpers, started fresh, turned off controller.

Start Steam, let Big Picture complete load. Plug controller into USB. Open controller settings.

Still ‘No Controllers Detected.’ Waited 5 minutes, just in case. Right pad usable as a mouse control.

After a few minutes, Detected Controller shows up. Connected cable as firmware.

Attempt BTLE upgrade again.

Sound of device associating with USB, which means the flash drive for the firmware is loading up.

Failed again. This time, when clicking to revert, Steam straight crashed out.


Connected back via USB, restarted Steam. HID functions working; waiting for the controller to become detected within Steam. Took just a minute, but connected successfully and was identified.

Unplugged via USB, and went back to the Steam Dongle.

Steam Button + X to reconnect to the dongle on power-up. – No luck after five minutes.

Shutoff controller, unplug/replug dongle into USB, start controller with Steam + X: Still no join.

So, firmware bricked.

Last ditch effort, tried to update again. Still fails.

Takeaway, round 1: This process is finicky, and will brick your controller… from working wirelessly. Plug in USB, let controller take 5 minutes to detect and it is usable wired.

Dongle restore and another BTLE effort will be in the next update, reflecting the last Steam post I made.

Edit: Restored controller firmware this morning.