Including Google Adsense Ads

I’m working on getting the ads on here:

  • More prevalent (and useful)
  • Less invasive/obnoxious
  • Technically easier to turn on/off
  • More easily trackable

So, using this guide, I finally got this setup. It’s not as good as I imagine, however it does do what I want it to do for the moment.

I don’t write this for money. I write this stuff because I want a place I control for my content, unlike, say Twitter or shudder Facebook. Anyone that knows me know that statement is hypocritical, as I was a Facebook junkie for many years.

I’m tired of losing control of everything I’ve ever put out being under the control of Zuckerberg or @jack.

So, if you’re one of my five consistent readers of this content, you’ll start seeing my content changing, and inline content shifting to incorporate the occasional addition of a quick ad as you read. I don’t plan to become The Daily Mail, but I would love to make some residual income from my instructional write-ups/videos.