gnome-twitch Source Install Process on Ubuntu 19.10

Ubuntu 19.10 doesn’t have gnome-twitch .4.2. So, given it looks like development is dead, I gave it the ol’ source install.

Here’s the history of the install, starting from when I downloaded the source, and realized I needed Meson & a whole host of other libraries installed on my vanilla Ubuntu desktop installation.

299 sudo apt install meson
300 cd ~
301 cd Downloads/
303 tar zxvf gnome-twitch-0.4.2.tar.gz gnome-twitch-0.4.2/
304 cd gnome-twitch-0.4.2/
306 meson build
312 sudo apt install cmake
313 meson build
314 sudo apt install gtk+
315 apt-cache search gtk+
316 sudo apt install gtk
317 meson build
318 apt-cache search gtk3*
319 sudo apt install gtk3*
320 meson build
321 sudo apt install build-essential libgtk-3-dev
322 meson build
323 sudo apt install libpeas-dev
324 meson build
325 sudo apt install libsoup2.4-dev
326 meson build
327 sudo apt install json-glib-tools
328 meson build
329 sudo apt install libjson-glib-dev
330 meson build
331 sudo apt install libwebkit2gtk-4.0-dev
332 meson build
333 sudo ninja -C build install
334 gnome-twitch

Built, but now it’s missing plugins needed to render.

335 sudo apt-get install gnome-twitch-player-backend-*
336 gnome-twitch

Oh, right. I have to link the source-installed binaries. No packages for me… Begin angrily trying to figure out why I can’t reset meson’s build cache from the command line…

337 meson build -Dbuild-executable=false -Dbuild-player-backends=${gstreamer-opengl,gstreamer-cairo,gstreamer-clutter,mpv-opengl}
338 meson setup --wipe
339 meson reconfigure
340 meson build -Dbuild-executable=false -Dbuild-player-backends=${gstreamer-opengl,gstreamer-cairo,gstreamer-clutter,mpv-opengl}
341 meson setup
342 sudo ninja -C build install
343 gnome-twitch
344 meson build -Dbuild-executable=false meson build -Dbuild-executable=false -Dbuild-player-backends=gstreamer-opengl,gstreamer-cairo,gstreamer-clutter,mpv-opengl
345 meson build -Dbuild-executable=false -Dbuild-player-backends=gstreamer-opengl,gstreamer-cairo,gstreamer-clutter,mpv-opengl

…realize I can just go into the folder and delete the cached newly created files.

346 ls
347 ls -las
348 rm -rf reconfigure/ build/
349 sudo rm -rf reconfigure/ build/

Done. Cleaned up.

351 meson build -Dbuild-executable=false -Dbuild-player-backends=gstreamer-opengl,gstreamer-cairo,gstreamer-clutter,mpv-opengl

Right. Need these libraries.

352 sudo apt-get install libclutter-gst-3.0-dev
353 meson build -Dbuild-executable=false -Dbuild-player-backends=gstreamer-opengl,gstreamer-cairo,gstreamer-clutter,mpv-opengl

These too.

354 sudo apt-get install libclutter-gtk-1.0-dev
355 meson build -Dbuild-executable=false -Dbuild-player-backends=gstreamer-opengl,gstreamer-cairo,gstreamer-clutter,mpv-opengl

Don’t care about OpenGL on this platform, so…

356 meson build -Dbuild-executable=false -Dbuild-player-backends=gstreamer-opengl,gstreamer-cairo,gstreamer-clutter
357 sudo ninja -C build install
358 gnome-twitch


Screenshot from 2019-07-17 19-53-32