What If… (The Dinosaur/ Lizard People Theory)

What If… (The Dinosaur/ Lizard People Theory)

…God created dinosaurs in His image, and they screwed up, resulting in their demise? The hominids took over the mantle of highest order after God destroyed the Original People? The snake tempting Eve(osaur) would make more sense, if they could talk. Maybe the Bible’s words are true, but simply misinterpreted? That would mean the Dinosaurs were smarter than anything we’ve been. There’s a lot in historic record about space travel and visits to the Mayans, Egyptians, and early Persians. There’s supposedly a blank spot in records about an earlier, advanced people before the great societies.

Perhaps it was what we know as dinosaurs?

This would also explain lizard people, if they didn’t leave.

Perhaps it explains Mars, too, and it’s previous environment?