Twitch Ideas

Twitch Ideas

(stealing ideas from Garrison Keillor. I miss that guy on NPR in the morning.)

State the date, and any important tech/musical/literature from that day.

Find birthdays of important people in literature, sciences, etc. Briefly explain who they are; include a picture if I can. Wikipedia can help in this department.

Read short stories/poetry/scripts(?)- need backing music to set the tone. Get a backlog of material outside copyright.

Tech Time! – I have something I want to learn how to do; I learn it in real-time. Publish an edited-down version to the YouTubes. I have numerous topics I want to cover.

Certification Time! – I need to get some certificates back under my belt, so running through, talking about the cert materials and testing details live?

Noodles & Sauce – Grab the guitar, plink and pluck away, learning music as I go.

I think you can also play video games on this platform? I’ll have to check. Ahem.