Motorcycles & Ankles

Motorcycles & Ankles

So, I appear to have fractured my ankle.

Rolling the V-Star down a hill to jump-start it, I missed the left peg, in front. Foot planted, and the bike, now at speed rolling, smashes my ankle into the peg.

Looking at the peg after the fact and rethinking it, it could have gone so much worse.

So, my ankle and leg numb from shock and adrenaline, I shifted using my knee instead of actuating the ankle. Got home, rolled the sock off, and looked at it.

The adrenaline wearing off, it starts radiating pain up the inside, and right under the bone. I started into the RICE process, ate some ibuprofen and tramadol, kicked my foot up above me. I rotated ice on and off for about two hours waiting for the pain to chill out. At rest, the ankle hurt a little, but putting weight on it hurt.

Allow the italics to emphasize the point.

I threw up my hands and went to the ER. When the nurse saw an exposed abrasion, she wanted to clean it; just the dabs of the soap and water shot some significant pain up through the leg. The doctor ordered up x-rays, took a look and came back with not broken, but looked like a hairline fracture. Wasn’t sure, but if it kept hurting, to check in with my primary care physician. I thanked him for his time, the nurse Ace-bandages my ankle, and I headed on home.

The next morning it was hard getting out of bed, BUT I was awake at 4AM from the pain. I had a dentist appointment that morning that coincided with this, and the Medrol pack and meds from that appointment made this hurt less. I could walk on it with a hobble. Biggest issue was/is stairs. Took this picture before I hobbled to my kid’s softball game.

When I got back, not RICE’ing this took its toll.

This has been mad since late last night. Got it elevated meow. Making sure it’s elevated, and unsuccessfully keeping it above my heart. I went to bed early, tired from the effort/pain, and was greeted with a wide-awake, foot-on-fire feeling about 3ish this morning.

So, here we are. Elevated it, iced it, meds, and played around on Twitch while I waited for all that to bring the pain down. This really might be a blessing in disguise. I have some ideas for Twitch/YouTube that I’m gonna try.

In the meantime, I clearly can’t work The Drive In, and stairs are the suck.

But, I’m playing my guitar again, so there’s that, I guess? C’est la vie.