Steam Controller Dropping/Disconnecting

Steam Controller Dropping/Disconnecting

Here’s what I was seeing:

The Steam Controller would connect to the Steam Link. I could test against the controller in the Steam Link session before I connected to a host. Connect to a host, and I’d just have mouse control, with clicking being available for a short period of time.

Then, a Steam notification would pop up saying ‘loading configurations from <username>,’ and I would immediately lose the full controller.

Power the controller down, power up. Had about two seconds before the same message.

I reinstalled the firmware on the controller. I upgraded my Windows Steam client to beta. Same behavior. As of this post, firmware 18 is the most current (a local copy, if needed).

I started to think this was host-based, and not the controller. I powered up the controller on the Steam Link, then ran downstairs and worked at the host. The controller detected, however it showed no configurations in the Controller settings.

Screenshot from 2019-07-01 22-03-42

I check-boxed Xbox and Generic Gamepad controllers, applied this to my profile, and ran back upstairs. It’s been an hour playing Ori and The Blind Forest, and it’s working correctly.

I thought those settings were for other controllers? I don’t fully understand that, but if it works, I won’t complain. Just makes no sense.

I suppose I’ll know more tomorrow when I try to play again.