6/20-6/22/19 – Outage – The Grand USB Experiment (that failed)

6/20-6/22/19 – Outage – The Grand USB Experiment (that failed)

Explanation: The PleX server is fairly simple, technically – an Ubuntu install with PleX installed. On another server, the storage is all installed, from RAID5, to USB, then each device shared out via a FreeNAS CIFS mapping to the 8-core PleX server, then, out to you!

I tried to move all the storage onto the same hypervisor as the PleX server. The old Dell R710 USB controllers weren’t up to the throughput. Even moving the ancient (and apparently broken) USB3 PCIe Card over just core-dumped VMWare every boot.

Fix: I put everything back the way it was, and will await another USB3 PCIe card to put in the SAN. Added another 4TB from some drives left unplugged in the fileserver. So… bonus?

Thoughts: I keep reading about shucking hard drives. I don’t need it now, but as I go forward, I’ll want to get bigger cages and get everything I can down to as fast a connection as possible. Don’t need it yet, but notes for the future.