Nintendo Turned Me Into a Gambler

Nintendo Turned Me Into a Gambler

Shamefully, I have a favorite Nintendo game as of late, and it’s not Zelda or Metroid, or even a Mario-based spin-off.

It’s 2014’s ‘Nintendo Badge Arcade’ on the 3DS. Since discovering it a few months back, I began playing it ritualistically before going to bed. This number right here may blow your mind, but before you (rightfully) do the math, know that I am the absolute master of getting free attempts out of this game, and regularly put the game into what I call ‘WTF Mode,’ where our friendly rabbit host seems to blow his O-ring trying to figure out how you won 6-of-8 stickers in one go.

Yeah, I said stickers. Digital stickers. That aren’t made anymore. And non-transferable to any future system, supposedly. I just love the mastery of the game.

…now add 39 more since I started writing this entry last night.