Hellboy (2019)

Hellboy (2019)

And if you’ll excuse a pun:
Hell yes.
David Harbour sheds his conflicted-sheriff pigeon-hole that should won all the awards, and transforms into a much more sinister, grittier, and more impulsive Hellboy. It was awesome, if a bit long. If you don’t know the comic, some of the story may get convoluted, and some of the characters you loved from Guillermo del Toro’s previous two movies didn’t make it to this iteration (and may never, as a sequel seems doomed).


This is made up for with a secondary antagonist unlike much you’ve seen on-screen before. This character is…surreal. You’ll understand. The main Big Bad gets out-played by a B-plot that is far more dangerous, scary, and over all felt more important than the main plot trapsing along.

I enjoyed the hell out of it. I wanted it to be funnier where the movie instead went darker, but that’s Mike Mignola’s (the creator of Hellboy) EP rights to do so. I respect it. Movie earns it’s ‘R’ rating with several intense and bizarre scenes.

3/5 stars, if we’re still doing that. I enjoyed it, but I don’t think I’m rewatching it in theaters. You should, however, to support the work so we get another one.