The Boring Life of Ralph – A Puzzle Plex Escape Room

The Boring Life of Ralph – A Puzzle Plex Escape Room

If you’ve not done an escape room, they’re a lot of fun. Derby, KS has a great little company called Puzzle Plex that really does a great job with it.

We pushed it to the near end with this, but figured it out. Not gonna lie; I cracked a combo lock using tips I’ve picked up from The Lockpicking Lawyer. Saved us a few steps. I still don’t know what the clue was to give me the number, but some old-school lock-hacking did the job. What really disappointed me was I had two of four numbers correct on one of the key (pun!) locks to advance the story. A few more minutes, and I think I could have figured it out. Props to Dustin for figuring it out the correct way.

I really have to give credit to whomever thought out the game. It’s well-put together, and interesting in a group to get through. A psychological study could be had about dominant personality traits in a group. Leadership roles ebb and flow throughout the game, and bringing various talents can be useful. I can’t suggest doing one enough.

P.S. She’ll never read this, so I can get away with it. Had one of our folks known how to type ‘2018’ instead of ‘2008,’ we could have knocked a minute or five off our time. *ahem*