Bears Vs Babies

Bears Vs Babies

I supported the Kickstarter for ‘Bears Vs Babies‘ that Matthew Inman sent out a few years ago.

We’ve had that furry little box for a few years now, and just now decided to learn, given the last time we tried, it ended in a fight.

This time didn’t go much better.

So, some specific questions regarding heads, hats, and swapping was sent off to support@bearsvsbabies.com:

Subject: Dismember & Head Swap Card

On February 23, 2019, 9:45 PM PST thegrio@gmail.com wrote:

Does either affect the hat?

Can you dismember a hat? Does swapping heads also take the hat with?
Please settle this debate before I choke a bitch.


Without wax,
Grioghar (Greg) Thomas-Baldwin

Answers were given:

Thanks so much fur reaching out! More than happy to answer your questions:


If you swap a Head wearing a hat, only swap the Head. The Hat stays where it is.


You cannot dismember a Head wearing a Hat because it’s not a Edge Card. Just dismember the Hat.

You can find these answers in our FAQ/Field Guide!

Hope this helped!

Bear hugs,


A bet was lost. 100 to 1 this becomes my most-found post in Google a year from now.