You’re An Asshole

That meaning changes with age.

Somewhere between birth and twenty five, that phrase is a personal affront to the senses.

Beyond 2 & 5, each year the sting lessens and the bite softens until an age or a mindset is reached where acceptance is had. You hear the words, echoing through the aged skulls of yours, and instead of taking offense, a smile curls your lips, a warm chuckle of acceptance rolls down the back of your head, through your spine, into your back, buttocks, kneecaps, and out your curled toes, and you say unto yourself with the peace of a turtle eight scores into its fading life:


Grioghar "Greg" Thomas-Baldwin likes to (formally) Powerlift, read comics, watch movies, jam to Bastard Pop, and hang out with his wife and kids when he's not working at The Starlite Drive-In making customers move their cars and high-fiving the kiddos. Then, he likes to write about all that, tech schtuff, and more, here, and elsewhere, under a few pseudonyms.

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