VeraCrypt & My (Your) Documents

So, you’ve got some documents (and tangentially, usually, downloads) you want to keep safe?

First off. Encrypt your whole boot drive. I’m not covering it here. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel, when a perfectly good wheel can be found noun-into-verbing (‘Googling’).

Second, think about how big, Megabytes(MB), Gigabytes(GB), or, you know, Terrabytes(TB) you want your My Documents folder to be.

Allocate that in a real way by building a VeraCrypt container on a drive with this much free space available.

Expect this process to take some time, even on decent older hardware.

Mount this drive as a drive letter.

Then, do this.

The benefits should be obvious, but if not:

What you’ve done is now created an AES-SHA256-encrypted container for all your important files; namely every business file, Outlook PST file, and subsequent download, be it from a public domain or something of a more important communication. Combine this with a USB drive, and now you have the perfectly mobile, perfectly protected device.

A few scripts for automation and management (I’ll add here when completed), and you’ve got a perfect backup system designed especially for the cloud.

Given the Dropbox fiasco, Cambridge Analytica, and the rest of the insanity divulged by Snowden, we’re in a brave new world. You want your data just available on a drive, unprotected?

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