Radio Show Appearance – Jun 15, 2016

Radio Show Appearance – Jun 15, 2016


Strangely forgot to post this one.

June 15th, (2016, if there’s confusion…) I was on ‘The Drive with Bob & Jeff,’ with Jeff (@Jlutzmedia) and Matt Browning (@Matt_Browning24), who was filling in for Bob (@boblutz) that afternoon.

The link for that audio is here. It’s not my favorite, as I was nervous and, literally, phoning it in. I hate the sound of my voice on the phone. There’s something to be said for being in the studio with the guys, versus chattering away at a wall in a hotel room.

Looking forward to the next time.

Edit: kinda fun. When you Google ‘the drive with bob and jeff,’ guess who’s website pops up at the bottom of page 1?

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