‘Civil War II,’ Comic Books, OCD, and Moi

‘Civil War II,’ Comic Books, OCD, and Moi

Civil War IIFreakin’ ‘Civil War II.’

Marvel’s new event has me more baffled and annoyed than ever. But more on that in a moment.

About 6-8 months ago, I decided, after a 15-year hiatus, to start collecting comic books again. The way I figure, there’s nothing holding me back like the budget of a minimum-wage earning teenager to stifle the enjoyment of a hobby that begs a collector to drop $30-$40 a week on the books, bags to protect the books, backs to support the book, and boxes to store the books. Moment before starting this post, I dropped $30 on 50 dividers for my boxes, allowing me to sort out my books with a glance at the long or short box the book resides.

I spent $16 for two long boxes two days ago, looking to move my less-read Marvel and DC comics into a more permanent home.

I need to drop some more money on some sort of holder for my boxes that get them at least 6-8 inches off the floor, in case of flooding. Theoretically, if the books are in bags, I shouldn’t, again theoretically, have to worry about water damage. But hell! If I’m spending $30-$40 a week on comics, I want to do everything I can to protect my, ahem, “investment” long-term. I use the word “investment” with some tongue-in-cheek. It’s what I tell my lovely and patient wife anyway.

So. ‘Civil War II,’ and Greg’s (non-diagnosed, not-really-real) OCD.

Iron Man Captain America‘Civil War’ was a major event in the Marvel Comic Book Universe. It pit Iron Man/Tony Stark against Captain America/Steve Rogers in a conflict of timely fashion regarding super heroes as weapons. It was covered lightly in the third Captain America movie, ‘Captain America: Civil War.’ In the middle of the conflict was Peter Parker/Spider-Man, and a number of heroes and mutants on both sides. Collecting that set had a main story line, then numerous, numerous tie-ins to other comics that helped explain the story from different angles and experiences regarding the protagonists of the comic sold: Spider-Man, New Mutants, X-Men, etc, had tie-in comics with ‘Civil War.’ There are NINETY EIGHT comics tying the event together, from prequel to post-event fallout, spanning numerous, separate titles.

So ‘Civil War II’ is doing the same thing (in spades, I hear), and I don’t know what to do. Currently I have all the ‘Civil War II’ main story, International Iron Man #4, All-New Wolverine #8, Totally Awesome Hulk #7, all with tertiary stories to the events of ‘Civil War II.’

Where do I store them?

Do I stick them with their main characters?

Do I stick them together in a ‘Civil War II’ pile?

The OCD collector in me is demanding, subconsciously, to buy two of every issue I collect to keep one with the ‘Civil War II’ pile, then one to keep the number increments on the main characters I collect correct as well.

What do I do? If I reach for ‘Civil War II’ to read, I’m missing parts of it in my box. I could get the trades later, which makes more sense, but then, what? What about the holes in my collection? There’s a part of me that gets wrist-wringingly anxious on how to manage that collection of books, how to sort when and where and what, and how to track it all. I’m torn. I don’t know what the best course of action is.

When I was a kid, I didn’t even think of covers: I just threw them in a box, and that was it. Easy-peasy. It’s not happening that way now, and it’s making collecting a chore. I want to read the story lines so I’m abreast of the ongoing saga of the Marvel Universe, but a part of me just wants to ditch trying to handle them all and move to reading the issues I genuinely don’t care about other than event on Comixology or some other service.

So. ‘Civil War II’ frustrates me. I’m getting in the way of enjoying it.

And sweet-baby-Jesus-in-a-manger, don’t even get me started on DC Comics’ ‘Rebirth’ event. I don’t even know where to begin there…