The Movie Phone Super Call

The Movie Phone Super Call

Anna reminded me of a video that made the rounds last year, but is still one of the best.

From the Burger Fiction YouTube channel, the Movie Phone Super Call, a super cut of telephone calls from across cinema. Can you name all the movies? A couple you were hung up on (see what I did there)? Play it like a test, and see what you can get. I’ll wait.

Pencil’s down. What were all the movies, you ask?

Quoted directly from Burger Fiction’s video description:

There are so many great phone scenes in movies, so we thought it would be fun to see how many we could string together. Here’s a list of all the movies (in order of appearance):

Burn After Reading 0:00
The Matrix 0:03
Die Hard With A Vengeance 0:05
Dr. Strangelove 0:06
Anchorman 0:07
Dial M For Murder 0:10
Scream 0:12
Heat 0:13
The Bourne Supremacy 0:15
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off 0:16
Ghostbusters 0:18
Napoleon Dynamite 0:19
Crank 0:21
Casino Royale 0:22
Air Force One 0:25
Bridget Jones Diary: The Edge Of Reason 0:26
Leon: The Professional 0:31
Shaun Of The Dead 0:35
Tropic Thunder 0:36
Rambo III 0:38
Play Misty For Me 0:40
Wall Street 0:43
Saw 0:46
One Fine Day 0:47
Swingers 0:51
Juno 0:58
Lethal Weapon 1:00
No Country For Old Men 1:04
Catch Me If You Can 1:07
Brick 1:10
A Nightmare On Elm Street 1:12
Back To The Future 1:17
Baby Mama 1:22
Jingle All The Way 1:25
Clueless 1:29
The Hangover 1:32
Phone Booth 1:34
Buried 1:36
Taken 1:40
Rush Hour 1:46
Scarface 1:50
Bringing Up Baby 1:53
Funny Farm 1:56
Black Christmas 1:59
It’s A Wonderful Life 2:01
Spy Hard 2:03
Jerry Maguire 2:09
Out Of Time 2:10
Shoot ‘Em Up 2:15
Pulp Fiction 2:18
Leprechaun 2:22
Cellular 2:24
Twister 2:29
Amelie 2:37
The Wolf Of Wall Street 2:39
Mean Girls 2:42
What About Bob 2:44