‘Not Out of Norway Yet’ – A Documentary about The Boy With Tape on His Face

‘Not Out of Norway Yet’ – A Documentary about The Boy With Tape on His Face


Disclaimer: I usually despise reality TV, but since ‘Star Search‘ back in ‘the day,’ I’ve always enjoyed television that showcases talent. It would only make sense that I’ve always really enjoyed ‘America’s Got Talent,’ but considering we, as a family, don’t generally watch a lot of live broadcast television, I never really catch it. Besides, in the era of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like, anything extraordinary will usually find its way into my social media feeds as a ‘viral’ vid. Are we tired of that word yet?

So, this morning, I was introduced to ‘Tape Face,’ as he was called on AGT. Here is his audition:


Someone this good and this talented clearly has to have been honing his craft for some time. I looked him up, and boy, was I right.

His YouTube channel is filled with all kinds of goodness. His website got me there. More interesting and apropos to my little website, there’s a 45-minute documentary on him at the 2012 Edinburgh Festival. I’ve let it play in the background at work today, and it’s quite interesting. I wish him the best of luck in winning it all.


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