My Radio Debut on ‘The Drive With Bob & Jeff’

My Radio Debut on ‘The Drive With Bob & Jeff’


Bob and Jeff of ‘The Drive With Bob & Jeff’ gave me the opportunity, and I struck. It came together. Now, I’ll be a regular every few weeks. It is said “Luck is Preparation meeting Opportunity.” I’ve been preparing all of my adult life, and the opportunity was there. I’m a very lucky man, and fortunate to be given this chance to be the resident movie critic. I’ll write out a narrative on how it went later, but first, click on this, and advance to 14:15. This is didn’t help with the nerves before I showed up. Now I need to find a pipe, a smoking jacket, and some spectacles.

Then, here’s the audio of my debut. I’m not going to lie: I’m pretty proud of it.


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