iPhone #OtterBox Ends Up Being Otter-Like

iPhone #OtterBox Ends Up Being Otter-Like

Otterbox Can Grip, Swim Like Real Otter; Dam-Building Still Unknown


This is a screenshot of the impending Round 2.

Wife messaged me this morning via Facebook, saying she couldn’t find her phone after visiting the Drive In last night.

I did a cursory check of my vehicle, then checked iCloud. iCloud said her phone was up at work with me, so, no worries. We’ll find it.

After lunch, some gnarly weather comes through. I can hear hail. I look outside, and watch the rain and hail begin plinking my truck.



What’s that pink thing on the roof? It registers. Through rain and hail, I make a mad dash to the truck, climb the side and grab my wife’s iPhone 5C that survived:

  • The ride home from the Drive In
  • All night outside
  • The 25-minute drive to work
  • All day outside
  • The rain and the hail for the last 20 minutes.

Bravo, Otterbox. Bravo.