Intelligent Design?

Intelligent Design?

Nothing grandiose and all-sweeping dissection of all things moralistically monopolistic. More simple today.

Much like another man who was hung out to dry after a rough evening among “friends,” I found myself at the Quick Shop.

“I thirst.”

There, as I gulped back some fountain Dr. Pepper (why would you even consider a can or a bottle when the fountain is available?), I choked in my haste.

Then, once I had control of my faculties, I made an observation: Much like the more inappropriate joke about Intelligent Design, sewer treatment plants, and playgrounds, I took as good look at who or what would consider it so ‘intelligent’ to put the only means of feeding right in the same tube as their breathing apparatus?

I want you to consider for a moment what that looks for, say, a SCUBA diver. Tell me how intelligent that design would be now?

And don’t even get me started into vestigial traits, which your sinuses are