Feature Creep

Feature Creep

Saw ‘Captain America: Civil War’ and live-tweeted it on my second viewing. Watching it at the drive-in afforded me that luxury without interfering with others. As I sat and enjoyed my new 2nd-favorite Marvel movie (‘Winter Soldier’ still holds numero-uno, and ‘Iron Man 2’ just got bumped to 3rd), I was contemplating what I can and can’t do with WordPress, plugins, and my ideas.

  • I have piles upon piles of memes I’d like to catalog. I’m sure I’ll find a photo management plugin that will suffice.
  • I’d like to more centralize my bastard pop music into one location, as they are currently disparate across YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, and various websites and mp3s. Need to plot out that organization. Would also like to figure out a means to creating a web-driven playlist that pulls from my posted collection.
  • I do a lot with Evernote. I’d like to be able to post those notes here.
  • Same with IG. Permissions will be an issue.
  • I have digital archives of PDFs I’d like to make available here.
  • Same with *cough* CBRs. Would be nice to be able to post them here, then read them either in-line, or pull from a subdirectory on the hosted webserver and read them here.
  • I’ve been working (tacitly) on a comic book database. Something web-integrated would be great to be able to share with the world.
  • Lots of other social media integrations.
  • And more…!

Stuff to look at and improve my little section of the web with. Always in search of a better theme, but I really like this one for now. Until I see or search out something better, this stays.

To Do tomorrow: read more how Jetpack integrates with WordPress.com and make sure I’m taking full advantage of the tools I’m working with.