griologoHey look! Greg figured out how to install WordPress again and, this time, use WP’s tools to integrate into social media!

Now, the hunt for a theme I can be satisfied with begins, as well as bolting on a few more plugins that play nice with this version of WP. I may end up having to *gasp!* actually pay money for a theme, but if it’s right, and at least remotely represents my vision, I imagine it to be worth it.

Seriously, though. Using the tools from http://wordpress.com to give stats, integrate into Facebook/Twitter; finally took the time to read how to do it correctly, instead of throwing twenty plugins at it that only half-worked the way I wanted, not to mention the issues with mobile posting. It’s good to have Jetpack working as it is apparently supposed to.

Clearly, this is Day 0, so things around here will be a-changin’. Time to end with something cliche, like ‘Stay Tuned!’