Das Q: My Name is Bruce (2007)

Das Q: My Name is Bruce (2007)
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Bruce Campbell is the perfect B-Movie actor. Great chin, strong voice, co-opted by a giant rubber monster.

This movie has fun with a genre that has fun. From the moment you press play, you know this is going to be ridiculous. When the God of Bean Curd, Guan-Di, is accidently awoke in a sleepy little Anywhere town, the perfect antihero to defeat this ancient Chinese menace is none other than Bruce Campbell! Campbell helped write, produce, and direct this movie with some of his buddies in his Evil Dead days, and even has Ted Raimi in there in a couple of comic bit pieces. It’s an homage to his illustrious “career,” from the permanent trailer to the hooker with a penis. The things stardom bring, right?

There’s nothing quite like a happy ending, and “My Name is Bruce” delivers it. With extra bean curd.

B. If you need to know why this was scored this way, you’re missing the point.