The Rocker (2008)

The Rocker (2008)

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There are a few movies that I wished I had made the effort to support the film in the theatre. Joe Dirt is the one that comes most to mind. That, and ‘Blades of Glory’. Maybe it’s just me, but there are just some ads for movies that turn me off to the idea of spending hard-earned cash to watch casual Hollywood formulaic drivel.

I just finished ‘The Rocker’ with Rainn Wilson. Perhaps I’m still a bit out of sorts from a late Friday night, but I liked it.

I know.

The movie is simple enough. Old rocker gets kicked out of band at the height of their popularity. Old rocker moves in with family to fall back on. New rockers trying to put together a little band to play at the Prom. Conveniently, position Old rocker used to have opens in new band from a mishaps regarding brownies and markers. Through a series of montages, old rocker joins new band, band goes through ups and downs, band comes out victorious, and we all learn a moral lesson somewhere along the way.

That, and gloriously cute girl-next-door Emma Stone is pouty and cute throughout. Christina Applegate delivers an unexpected performance, and then there’s Rain Wilson.

I’ve got to admit I’m not a huge fan of Rain Wilson’s work on The Office. What I’ve seen of the show has left me underwhelmed with his aloof, over-confident sort of comedy. There are moment in “The Rocker” where that shines through, and it can grate on the nerves. However, that said, he has his serious moments, interspersed with a lower-key physical comedy and more facial, reactionary humor that plays a bit better. It’s Jim Carrey on ‘In Living Color’, but the physical comedy toned down and the outfits glaringly loud.

I can’t fairly state that this movie is good, or even original in its execution. There’s not really a whole lot to say about the plot; it’s easy to guess and easy to pick apart. It is, however, a great capture of a few key performances that really carry the lacking plot on its back. Rainn Wilson: Rock on.

B+. Good effort, fun but foo-foo. Rainn Wilson shines with a good supportive cast.

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