Reviews Aunt Lydia & Mrs. Waterford

Aunt Lydia & Mrs. Waterford

Damn these fictional characters and the real feelings they generate deep inside of me. This show isn’t drama, it’s horror. Even placing this …

Assorted Writings Things No One Ever Tells You

Things No One Ever Tells You

Wash your hat. They soak up sweat, too. Yikes.

Gaming …When You’re Overcompensating For Something

…When You’re Overcompensating For Something

Great game. Somewhat ridiculous guns. Great 1911.

Reviews The Handmaid’s Tale

The Handmaid’s Tale

I mean, know I’m late to the party, but Jesus Christ, people: What. The. ****. I can’t. I don’t want to. The only …

Galleries Moon


I had to reduce the size to upload this here. You have to zoom in to fully appreciate this picture. All credit here. …

pfSense Bufferbloat: Fq_codel, pfSense 2.4.4_2 & You (and me!)

Bufferbloat: Fq_codel, pfSense 2.4.4_2 & You (and me!)

Bufferbloat & You – a primer A Reddit discussion on the matter. 95% of 300Mb 95% of 30Mb (approximately, anyway…) Boom. Within thresholds …

Standup Comedy Standup – Nov, 8 2018 – Loony Bin Comedy Club – Wichita, KS

Standup – Nov, 8 2018 – Loony Bin Comedy Club – Wichita, KS

I could say something, but it’d be pointless. I believe this says it all. Filmed by the wife, I was a bit annoyed …

pfSense pfBlockerNG Successfully Setup

pfBlockerNG Successfully Setup

I used this: https://www.tecmint.com/install-configure-pfblockerng-dns-black-listing-in-pfsense/ and adapted it to the latest version available as an app. Adapting shouldn’t be difficult. I’m now blocking a …


This was supposed to post on Friday. Don’t know what happened. Silly phones. Doesn’t suit me. Wife gone, winter mix outside, and just… …

Assorted Writings The Starlite

The Starlite

This was originally written in May, 2016. Wichita, Kansas was never my first choice to move to when considering my wife’s post-collegiate options. …

Marvel The Punisher Kills The Marvel Universe

The Punisher Kills The Marvel Universe

Roger Ebert’s Little Rule Book

Originally written Feb, 2016, and never published for some reason.  http://www.rogerebert.com/rogers-journal/rogers-little-rule-book This is the post that got me writing.

Immediate Insight

One of the tools I’m interested in is Firemon’s Immediate Insight. I set it up at the house to look into how and …

The Greatest Feeling

Some might say orgasm. A mind-blowing sneeze. Love. They would all be wrong. Let me set the scene: it’s 10 degrees outside. Your …

Assorted Writings Well, I’m (Officially) Back!

Well, I’m (Officially) Back!

In your 4th year, you’re supposed to actually know something.