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If you were a title…

…where might you be?

Assorted Writings National Junior Honor Society

National Junior Honor Society

My kid’s in the other room working on her application. Proud? Proud doesn’t begin to describe it.

Assorted Writings My Desktop Today

My Desktop Today

After work, it’s just read, read, read.

Assorted Writings Mueller Report

Mueller Report

It’s here: https://justice.gov/storage/report.pdf

Assorted Writings Fat


I can hear the birds singing

What a beautiful sound.

Assorted Writings Yoda


Looks like, my father does.


F**k. #releasethememo I might need to burn that shirt.

Assorted Writings Here Comes History, Ready or Not

Here Comes History, Ready or Not

Everybody hang onto your butts. Here comes the pinnacle of Trump’s Presidency right…about…

Assorted Writings The face you make when…

The face you make when…

Twitter suggests you follow your arch nemesis, and you look at their feed, only to see they’re a decent person online. Huh.

Got Busy

No excuse. Back at it.

Assorted Writings The Boring Life of Ralph – A Puzzle Plex Escape Room

The Boring Life of Ralph – A Puzzle Plex Escape Room

If you’ve not done an escape room, they’re a lot of fun. Derby, KS has a great little company called Puzzle Plex that …

Assorted Writings Mario Run

Mario Run

Initially, I had rolled my eyes at this game. I bought it on sale one day for $4.99, as a way to support …

#ilaughishare Star Trek: Voyager (and more)

Star Trek: Voyager (and more)

Not my favorite ‘Star Trek.’ Definitely my favorite Star Trek to see clowned, considering I felt the writing on that show was… well… …

Assorted Writings It Ain’t All Roses

It Ain’t All Roses

Some days you win, some days you lose, and other days, you break even. Today broke even. Shouldn’t have even been anything remarkable, …