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I’ve been in quarantine too long…

I broke.

4-17 – WordPress is/was broke

God, WordPress is annoying. Some update to some plugin has adding pictures broken. *grumble* I’m working on getting it fixed for my 10 …

Assorted Writings Facebook


I just linked my WordPress site back up to Facebook. I’ve got tools to prevent Facebook from sucking me back in or getting …

Assorted Writings WordPress Error

WordPress Error

After upgrading to 5.3.2: Cannot declare class WP_Block_Styles_Registry, because the name is already in use in /home/grio/grio.net/wp-content/plugins/gutenberg/lib/class-wp-block-styles-registry.php on line 14 Log into the …

Assorted Writings The Right Woman

The Right Woman

You know you married the right woman when she can make 24 hours in a car feel like twenty minutes.

It’s Mueller Time

My productivity today will drop significantly. Get them, Bob.

Assorted Writings Steam Controller Troubles, Continued

Steam Controller Troubles, Continued

Went to update controller to BLE: Stop Steam and all Steam services. Start Steam from within Windows. Open Controller settings. Controller and Dongle, …

Assorted Writings Including Google Adsense Ads

Including Google Adsense Ads

I’m working on getting the ads on here: More prevalent (and useful) Less invasive/obnoxious Technically easier to turn on/off More easily trackable So, …

Assorted Writings gnome-twitch Source Install Process on Ubuntu 19.10

gnome-twitch Source Install Process on Ubuntu 19.10

Ubuntu 19.10 doesn’t have gnome-twitch .4.2. So, given it looks like development is dead, I gave it the ol’ source install. Here’s the …

Assorted Writings 2001, Cigarettes & My Inevitable Death

2001, Cigarettes & My Inevitable Death

Nothing counts down your mortality like the ‘You must be born before this date to buy cigarettes’ death clock at the gas station. …

Assorted Writings High Contrast

High Contrast

Playing with OBS/Logitech settings, and this beauty was what became of that effort. Yikes.

Assorted Writings What If… (The Dinosaur/ Lizard People Theory)

What If… (The Dinosaur/ Lizard People Theory)

…God created dinosaurs in His image, and they screwed up, resulting in their demise? The hominids took over the mantle of highest order …

#ilaughishare Let This Sink In

Let This Sink In

Really let it.

Assorted Writings ASICS Gel-Kayano 24s: The Best Shoe. Ever.

ASICS Gel-Kayano 24s: The Best Shoe. Ever.

For nearly 15 years now, I’ve had one specific shoe I get: The ASICS Gel-Kayano <revision number here>. The first pair I bought …

Assorted Writings Motorcycles & Ankles

Motorcycles & Ankles

So, I appear to have fractured my ankle. Rolling the V-Star down a hill to jump-start it, I missed the left peg, in …