Something Happened on the Way To Getting A Nap

Something Happened on the Way To Getting A Nap

Funny story.

Ding-dong. Tap-tap-tap.

“Do you guys have a black dog?”


“We think we have it in our car.”

I hadn’t seen Charlie, but realized that wasn’t unexpected, but then I look, and it’s a Black Lab mix that looks like Charlie.

“Yup, that’s her.”

Opens car door.

Dog jumps out and I move quickly to door.

That ain’t Charlie.

Dog realizes I’m not whomever she’s supposed to be with. Dog jumps out, panics, then bounces back into car.

“Nope, never mind. Not my pup.”

“Does an old lady live here?”


“We were told it was an old lady’s dog that lives on this street and has a beautiful front porch. We thought it was yours.”

“I’ll be sure to tell my young wife you think so.”

Another five minutes, and they took off, planning to go door-to-door.

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Grioghar "Greg" Thomas-Baldwin likes to (formally) Powerlift, read comics, watch movies, jam to Bastard Pop, and hang out with his wife and kids when he's not working at The Starlite Drive-In making customers move their cars and high-fiving the kiddos. Then, he likes to write about all that, tech schtuff, and more, here, and elsewhere, under a few pseudonyms.

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